Very Stu Pitt

 Just acquired a new car, temporarily, a Hyundai Elantra. The dashboard is very complicated. And stupid.

Worst of all there is no digital speedometer. I can't easily and quickly find out how slow or fast I am going. It's the big red needle on the large round gauge. And it's difficult to tell your speed at a glance. You have to LOOK at the gauge for a few seconds, taking your eyes off the road. Having a digital speed displayed is an important issue for me in being a safe driver.

I tried to find out if there is a digital speedometer option and, if so, how to enable it. I spent 30 minutes on google searching for the answer(s). I found no answers. At least no answers I could understand, as I am not a auto engineer or a technology engineer. All the posts and videos were of different years and/or models than mine and did not apply.

So, as this is a critical issue for me I will have to go to a Hyundai dealership and have them educate me on the subject. Unfortunately, the nearest dealer is like 15 miles away and will take more than hour roundtrip. 

The real issue here is: WHY don't manufacturers of stuff, ALL stuff, especially complicated stuff, test their products out on average non-tech consumers and get feedback BEFORE they launch and sell their stupid products?

A few hours later I fiddled with the controls and, voila, accidentally found the digital speedometer! YAY!

It appears on the right of the analogue speedometer. It's reading 0 as the car is not moving.