In this post I am going to sum up life. Yes, really. Having lived a long-ish time I believe I have learned the true basics of life, the truths, in both the reality and the spiritual. And now I will share them with you.

The gift of life

We are given life and are born into the world. We are a blank slate. As we grow we observe and experience and learn and adapt or reject or interpret or misinterpret what we witness or imagine. 

The point of life

The point of life is to become who we are. To remove the obstacles and acquire what we need to become our true whole self. We are each of us an individual with unique viewpoints and experiences.

The purpose of life

Everyone has an ultimate purpose in life. A spiritually based purpose. As adults our true life job is to find, and carry out, that true purpose. I even wrote a book about how to find your life purpose.

The goal of life

The goal of life is happiness. Happiness. To feel true fulfillment. That is the ultimate goal.  I learned how to be happy, true happiness. I even wrote a book about it.  

The reward

The reward of life is happiness. The ultimate reward is death. Yes, death is the final reward. Assuming you live a reasonable long life. In the end we all cease to live. Death. Death is a final reward? Yes. It stops all the worry, all the pain. And all the stupid stuff. You no longer have to eat or drink or go to the bathroom. Or move your body. Or think. Or feel. Death. It stops everything. And we get to finally rest, for eternity. Our soul goes to "heaven". Another dimension. A spiritual universe. And maybe there the soul gets wiped clean and reinserted into a newborn. No one know for sure, yet.

Here are some books which may help you achieve your purpose and your goal in life.

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