Los Angeles City Council

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

The Los Angeles City Council

for their new Anti-Smoking study

Today, Novemeber 10, 2010, the L.A. city council voted, 13-0, to commission a new study that would ban smoking anywhere in Los Angeles "where people congregate" and in all apartment building "common areas", which includes outside on the apartment property and on your own private outdoor balcony.

It's bad enough that the State of California treats smokers like lepers. Or worse, like environmental murderers.

It's bad enough that California discriminates against smokers and taxes them to death.

It's bad enough that in many California cities smoking is banned totally.

Now, the L.A. city council voted to study making it against the law to smoke in Los Angeles "wherever people congregate"? Now they want to make it against the law in Los Angeles to smoke on my own outdoor apartment balcony???

Well, guess what? I've lived in Los Angeles for 23 years. And I can move to Nevada! Fast. Anytime I wish. And take my money, AND my cigarettes, with me.

Keep it up, California. Keep driving people and businesses out of the state with your uber high taxes and outrageous anti-freedom regulations. Soon there'll be no one left in the state ... or at least no one earning enough money to pay taxes ... and policicians salaries. Congratulations, L.A., you just commissioned a study for new anti-freedom anti-smoking restrictions which will help to kill even more businesses and jobs. And drive even more people out of California. All in the name of the Nanny state. Because some people in L.A. are offended by the smell of smoke! And you did it at a time of record high unemployment and the deepest recession since the Great Depression.

Atta boy, Los Angeles city council. You, and the state, continue to keep going down the socialistic "government-knows-best" road and see where it ends up. It ends up with California becoming a third-world politically and bureaucratically run economic disaster.

Hey, city council, did you ever hear the saying, "Nero fiddled while Rome burned"? You chose to focus your time and efforts on banning smoking while the City of Los Angeles is going totally broke, has severe gang and drug problems, has no jobs, and has the worst traffic congestion in the nation. In spending the time and effort in voting to commission a stupid overly-restrictive new anti-smoking study you, the Los Angeles city council, are fiddling while your city burns.

Congratulations, L.A. city council, this week, for your new anti-freedom anti-smoking governmental study, paid for by us 500,000 smoking L.A. taxpayers, you earned the Stu Pitt award.

P.S. You'll all FIRED!