This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

for their annoying "make google
your homepage" toolbar banner

Situation: every time I go to google to search for something a banner appears at the top of the google page. The banner reads ...

Come here often? Make Google your homepage. Sure / No thanks

I use google all the time. I have been using google since they first started as a search engine. If I wanted to make google my home page I would do so. I don't. So, google, stop asking me every time if I want to. I don't.

It gets worse.When you click on "no thanks" the banner just comes back the next time you go to the google search page. After months of this I am getting really pissed off! And, according to a google search on this matter, so are a lot of google fans. Way to go, google, you are arrogant and uncaring as to what your users want and don't want. And, as a result, you are succeeding in pissing off millions of loyal google search engine users!

Time to switch to Bing?

Congratulations, Google, this week, for your constantly recurring and very annoying "make google your home page" pitch, you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt Award!