This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

- it's hazardous to your health -

You gotta love this one!

I just saw a research report that says, "watching TV takes 5 years off your life". Really. That's what it said.

Other known research reports state that "smoking takes 4 years off your life".

Therefore, watching TV is a bigger more dangerous health risk than smoking!

Question: 1 hour of watching TV takes how much off your life?
Answer: 1 hour of TV watching takes 22 minutes off your life.

TV watching. A whole new potential source of government tax revenue. For your health. They already tax the hell out of smoking. If TV watching is more hazardous to your health than smoking, the government could, and should, be taxing the sh-t out of TV watching! How about a TV health tax? A TV health tax of, say, just $3 a day? That's easily justifiable. For your health. At $3 a day that's $1,000 in new taxes per person per year. If only 200 million people watch TV in the U.S. and pay $3 a day that's $200 billion a year in new tax revenue for the government. That's 200 billion MORE dollars the government can piss away.

TV, like smoking, is apparently hazardous to your health. Like smoking, the government should tax it. Or, to be more precise, overtax it. For your health. The TV health tax. What a concept!

Congratulations! This week the Stu Pitt Award goes to TV, stupid unscientific research reports, and the stupid government that wants to tax everything.