This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

United States
Postal Service

for not delivering the mail

OK, I am totally dusgusted with USPS. Why? Here's why ...

They can't deliver the mail. Here's what happened ...

I ordered a little something online from a company in Miami. I'm in L.A. It was a small package, easily able to fit inside my mailbox. I waited for the package to arrive. Finally, days later, I checked the tracking number online at USPS re delivery and this is what I discovered ...

According to the tracking number at USPS:

1. they tried to deliver my package at 7:15PM today

2. they could not deliver it because there was no one to sign for it

3. they said that they left a notice

Apparently they then returned the item to my local post office.

They lied!

Someone WAS home at 7:15PM, there was NO notice left by the carrier. And I did not get my package ... which I was desperately waiting for! It is hell to get them to re-deliver and going to pick it up at the post office is a 1-2 hour-long traffic nightmare for me. All this because I have to sign for the package.

I spoke to the company who shipped the package and they said they do NOT request any delivery signature on ANY of their shipments.

I live in an apartment complex that has 1,151 apartments. It's huge. And we have a LOT of trouble with USPS deliveries. This missed delivery is just one example of how bad USPS is here. Lately, they can't deliver the mail; they can't deliver a simple envelope or a freakin package properly and then they lie about it!

Where's my package? I don't have it. I paid for USPS to deliver it. They FAILED to do so. And then they LIED about it.

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".

My ass!

Congratulations, USPS, this week, for your non-existent mail delivery, and lying about trying, you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt Award!