Tide sucks

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

Tide laundry detergent

for not getting my brights bright

OK, I am totally disgusted with Tide. Why? Here's why ...

I did some laundry. One week I did 1 load with Tide With Bleach Alternatives. According to my research via google Tide is the #1 rated laundry detergent ... by everyone. The next week I did 1 load of laundry with SUN, a cheap brand. No whites in either load.

I can report some interesting results. Laundry? Interesting results? Am I kidding? No.

After a 27-minute "normal" washing, using SUN, and a 55-minute drying, upon folding my clothes I noticed that SUN made my bright colored t-shirts (a yellow, a coral and a purple) about 20% brighter than Tide with Bleach Alternatives. And SUN got ALL my clothes (7 t-shirts, 7 underwear, 7 pairs of socks, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pillow cases, 2 washcloths, 2 towels) as clean, if not cleaner, than Tide with Bleach Alternatives.

At less than 1/4 the cost.

My bottle of liquid SUN contains 48 loads and cost me $2.99. That about $.06 a load.

My liquid Tide with Bleach Alternative contains 26 loads and cost me I believe $6.99. That's about $.26 a load.

Tide is a major brand name, owned by the giant company Proctor&Gamble. And here is a direct quote from Tide.com: "Help keep whites white and colors bright with Tide plus Bleach Alternative".

My little unscientifc laundry experiment says a lot about Tide's product hype, advertising, pricing AND consumer ratings. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

Congratulations, Tide, this week, for your DULL bleach alternatives, for NOT getting my bright colors bright, and lying about it, you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt Award!