Cake Poker/Juicy Stakes

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

Cake Poker

Juicy Stakes poker

for cheating me out of $2.9 million

This is a first! An all-time, never-before-happened first. The world's first tandem Stu Pitt Award! To be shared by 2 online gaming sites, Cake Poker and Juicy Stakes.

For refusing to give me my $2.9 million in online Texas Holdem winnings.

Here's what happened ...

I was forced to change my poker playing site (Cake Poker), and transfer to a new site (Juicy Stakes). Cake Poker is apparently no longer offering the online Texas Holdem poker game in my country (U.S.) that I play. They are both European sites, I believe they are in the UK. So, I was forced to stop playing on Cake Poker, by them, and automatically transferred to Juicy Stakes, to sign up and and play online. And in doing so I lost my entire $2.9 million in winnings (play money). I appealed to the new site (Juicy Stakes) to reinstate my winnings from Cake Poker. They were unable or unwilling to do so. I then appealed to the original site, Cake Poker, to reinstate/transfer my $2.9 million to the new site. They were also unable or unwilling to do so. I appealed several times to both sites. They both refused to give me my winnings.

Yes, it's only play money but it was hard earned play money and it meant a lot to me! I started with $1,000 and ran it up to $2.9 million. I played for 20-30 minutes every day during lunchtime. For over a year! I spent hundreds of hours earning every penny of the $2.9 million. And now it's gone. The $2.9 million was mine. I earned it fair and square. And they refuse to give it to me. In my book we call people who do that "cheaters".

Congratulations, Cake Poker and Juicy Stakes, for refusing to give an online player his rightful online winnings, you deservedly earned the world's first tandem Stu Pitt Award!