L.A. unified school district

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

The Los Angeles Unified

School District (LAUSD)

for giving away a new car to a student,
a $19K reward for perfect attendance

"It's almost like the Academy Awards," quipped Enrique Boull't, chief operating officer for Los Angeles Unified School District, before opening Thursday's ceremony to present iPads and the ultimate grand prize - a Chevrolet Sonic - to winners of a year-long contest to encourage and reward perfect attendance."

Parked curb-side in front of LAUSD headquarters was the neon blue Sonic won by Vanessa Umana, who graduated from Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley. The rules of the district's Attendance Challenge said students had to have perfect attendance only during their senior year to be eligible to win the car.

Complete with power windows, air conditioning, a premium audio system and bluetooth, Vanessa's car had a sticker price of $19,235.

The school district is giving away a car to students? For perfect attendance? In HIGH SCHOOL? A $19,000 new car for showing up to school every day for 1 year? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? WITH MY FREAKING TAX DOLLARS YOU GAVE A HIGH SCHOOL KID A FREAKING NEW $19,000 CAR??? THAT IS INSANE!

The California State Department of Education reported the district's overall graduation rate in 2012 was 66.2 percent. Two-thirds. Two-thirds graduated? That means that one-third did NOT graduate. Only two-thirds of Los Angeles high school students graduate and they're giving away cars as a reward to those that do?

No, I am not blaming or criticizing the students or the winner. I am blaming and criticizing the reward giver: The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Congratulations LAUSD, for being completely insane, and giving away a new $19,000 car to a high school student ... for 1 year of perfect attendance. And spending taxpayer dollars to do it. For that, you deservedly earn this week's Stu Pitt Award!

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect
his country from its government."

- Thomas Paine, American patriot (1737 - 1809)