Goverment Banning E-Cigs

Everything in America
Should be Banned!

the increasingly popular electronic cigarette

The latest assault on adult personal use of products and services in the U.S. is the widespread desire by local, state and federal government to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public.

The reasons for banning e-cig use in public? Here are the main reasons given:

“E-cig vapor looks like cigarette smoke”. (But it isn’t smoke, it’s freakin water vapor!)

“We don’t know what’s in the e-cigs”. (Yes, we do. Nicotine and water vapor. And no tobacco at all)

“Nicotine is addictive”. (Yes, nicotine is addictive. Lots of things can be addictive; alcohol, pain pills, illicit drugs, sex, porn, food, work, cell phone use, video games, the internet and a lot of other things. Do we ban THOSE too?)

“Kids will use e-cigs and start smoking real cigarettes”. (I have heard this argument a million times. That’s what they said about lots of things. It’s called a gateway. One relatively harmless thing leads to an unhealthy escalation. Does having sex lead to prostitution? Does watching porn lead to domestic violence? Does smoking a joint lead to heroin addiction?) What about potato chips? We need to ban potato chips! Why? Potato chips have been scientifically proven to be a gateway to obesity. Why? Probably because you can’t eat just one.

Local, state and federal governments in the U.S. also want to ban the sale of all e-cigs on the internet. Why? Because underage minors can lie about their age and buy e-cigs online, i.e. there is no age verification. Yes, there is. E-cig websites normally have a very clear and obvious “I am over the age of 18” button that must be activated before buying the e-cig product(s) online. If a minor lies about their age when buying “over the age of 18 items” they are breaking the rules, or breaking the law, and/or committing a crime. Why should the government penalize and punish innocent sellers and legal adult buyers if some kids lie and/or commit a crime?

If the government is going to ban buying e-cigs online (because it’s bad/illegal for kids or leads to bad unhealthier habits) it needs to also ban EVERYTHING else that minors can, and do, illegally purchase online. Such as online shopping. Or porn. Yes, ban online porn. Ban adults from buying porn online, or watching paid porn online - because kids can access it by lying about their age - and then we’ll talk about banning e-cig purchases online.

We, in America, live in a nanny state. Local, state and federal governments think they can intrude on, and control, EVERY aspect of our lives and EVERY aspect of our personal behavior.

Welcome to the nanny state, where the government knows best what is good for you … and over-regulates, over-taxes and/or bans everything it decides is not good for you.

Banning e-cigs in public? Totally banning e-cig sales online? Because k-i-d-s might use them? Where’s our adult choice? Where’s our adult fun? Who votes and pays taxes, kids or adults?

What’s next to be banned after e-cigs? What WON’T be banned by the government? Should EVERYTHING in America that’s not 100% healthy be banned?

Yes, I am an e-cig user. And a legal adult resident of California and a citizen of the United States of America. And, thanks to e-cigs, I have not smoked a cigarette since December 7, 2011. Do I feel better? Yes. Are my family and friends (and my cardiologist) amazed and pleased I stopped smoking after 50 years? Yes. Do I want to see the government take away e-cigs from adults who want to stop smoking deadly cigarettes? NO!

UPDATE: On March 4, 2014 the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban e-cigs in public throughout the entire city. They voted 14-0. In spite of having NO credible scientific or medical evidence of harm, to adults or minors