ugly should be covered by insurance

Now, in New York State, insurance companies can no longer deny transgender New Yorkers the right for gender reassignment surgeries and other treatments.

Other states with similar rulings include: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, and also Washington, D.C.

A transgender is a person who is non-conforming to their sex that was assigned to them at birth. Transgender is independent of sexual orientation. The terms gender and sex have been explained thoroughly in academic literature. Sex is what an individual acquires by birth so it is physiological or biological. Gender, however, is a category a person gets assigned to by themselves or others.

OK. Elective sex change surgery for transgenders is now covered by insurance. If that's the case, what about non-sex-change cosmetic surgery? Like gender, what if "beauty" is assigned to yourself? What if someone is ugly but acts like a beautiful person? Someone who is ugly but thinks of themselves as beautiful? Let's call them Transbeauties. Shouldn't THEY also be covered to undergo surgery to physically match the outer person with the inner person, like transgenders? Why is only transgender surgery covered? Shouldn't surgery in order to transform someone from one thing they are into another thing they want to be, in this case ugly into beautiful, also be covered by insurance?

If state governments are going to force insurance companies to cover elective sex change surgery shouldn't they also force insurance companies to cover "Ugly Betty" surgery?

And no, I am not transgender-phobic. I was writing a satirical literary essay. If you have no sense of humor you didn't laugh when you read the essay. And if you don't know what satire is, you probably didn't laugh either.