new movies suck

So, last night I watched Godzilla (the 2014 remake). It was yet another ill conceived, poorly written movie, with a hard-to-follow convoluted story and stupid looking, non-scary monsters. I watched it for an hour or so and finally turned it off and went to bed. I did not care how the movie ended. Luckily, the movie was free on one of my my premium cable channels. As of 2015, I am skeptical of ANY "new" movie I rent or watch. I have lowered my expectations of finding a good, recently released movie--to zero. Nearly every movie I have seen lately--including the 2015 Academy Award nominated films--has good acting but little or nothing else. It seems that movies today now only mainly present a visual component, or a "true story" (which should be freaking DOCUMENTARIES not full length feature movies!). Though today's movies do feature very good, good or acceptable acting (talking heads), that is not enough. The last two or three dozen or so movies I have seen, with one or two exceptions, had lousy scripts, an uninteresting or impossible-to-follow story line, little or no emotional involvement for the audience, and no rooting interest. Worse than a bad comic book. Am I being too demanding? No, I don't think so. Movies made today are mediocre, or incomprehensible, or both. Perhaps major motion pictures are now being made by 11-year-olds, or millennials, or the "F Generation". With low, or no, standards. Welcome to the new America.

Unlike today's movies, I am producing and writing some good stuff. In the past month, I wrote two books, and today I am submitting the copyright for my newest book to the Library of Congress, submitting the book to Heather, the Witch, for formatting, eating lunch, and taking a nap. Welcome to MY new America!