talent crackdown

"Los Angeles is moving to crack down on talent scams against aspiring entertainers being charged outrageous amounts for Hollywood representation.

City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced his office has launched a public awareness campaign, in coordination with entertainment industry advocacy groups, to help people avoid being bilked by such schemes.

'Thousands come to Hollywood every year to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry,' Feuer said in a statement. “We need to protect them from those who would dash those dreams by taking unfair advantage of them.”

Los Angeles government officials are spending taxpayer time and money cracking down on some scams against actors? That's instead of addressing and fixing the huge, critical problems in L.A. that area residents suffer from, like having the absolute worst traffic congestion in the nation, no new jobs, unaffordable high rents and home prices, poverty, gangs, crime and a host of other major issues facing the second largest city in America.

Congratulations to the L.A. City Council, City Attorney, and Mayor, for spending taxpayer time and money protecting a couple of thousand wannabe actors, many of whom are not even permanent residents (many come to L.A. for a couple of months to try and break into showbiz and, being unsuccessful, go back home to wherever they came from). Yeah, let's have the government protect a few thousand "visiting" wannabe actors--instead of protecting and helping MILLIONS of L.A. area full-time, permanent, taxpaying residents. Whose brilliant idea was THAT?