dickless old age

Every man who lives long enough will get prostate cancer. That's what the medical profession says. That being the case, should an older guy treat his prostate when it develops cancer? Here's the choices. Treat it and likely lose your dick function. Don't treat it and likely lose your dick function.

Welcome to old age. Dickless old age.

Thank God for viagra! However, viagra costs a whopping $20 a pill in the U.S. (in America, it's available in brand name only) while costing a very affordable $2 a pill from Canada--and the rest of the world. In America, if a older guy takes brand name viagra twice a week, in order to have sex, it will cost him $2,000 a year. Millions of older American males can't afford that. Thanks to Big Pharma, older men in America are getting screwed. Or, rather, NOT getting screwed.

Welcome to the new America, where quality of life in older males means your dick might as well fall off.