where's the beef?

India's western state of Maharashtra has introduced a ban on beef so strict that even possession could land you in jail for five years, media reports and the chief minister said Tuesday.
The country's Hindu majority considers cows sacred, and several states already ban their slaughter.

But the latest measures in Maharashtra -- home to India's commercial centre Mumbai -- go even further, making the sale or possession of beef an offence punishable by a five-year jail term or a 10,000 rupee ($160) fine.

No offense to India, or Indians and their beliefs, but as we Americans say, "where's the beef?" And, to all the Americans who think America is a bad place, I say, "Go live in India--and never eat a hamburger again. With or without cheese. Or, if you can find a burger, and get caught eating it, you could spend five years in jail." Hmm. I think I'd rather live right here in America. And have the freedom to eat what I want.

Speaking of food, all this talk of beef is making me hungry. I think I'll go to McDonald's--and get a triple cheeseburger! I can do that in America.