disco doorknob

Today, at 9:30 AM, the inside doorknob in the bathroom fell off. It broke. Luckily, no one got trapped inside the bathroom.

I live in a resort apartment complex so I called maintenance. I put in for an urgent maintenance request, and a new doorknob.

Maintenance showed up in about an hour and installed a new doorknob in the bathroom. They installed what looks like a 1970's gold colored "disco era" doorknob. It's new but ugggggly. I gawked at it and asked the maintenance guy if gold was the only color they had. Sheepishly shaking his head, he said, apologetically, "Yes, that's all there is. It's what we're using as replacement doorknobs". In response, I shook MY head, in disgust, thanked him, and escorted him out.

I now have a 1970's-style shiny new gold doorknob adorning the bathroom door. Unfortunately, gold colored doorknobs and other fixtures are out of date by nearly 40 years. I am thinking about replacing the ceiling light in the bathroom with a gold disco ball, to match the new decor. Then I can host disco parties in my bathroom. Or in my pants.