man boobs

Some men get "man boobs". Man boobs can be caused by age, weight, and also by some medications. I am no longer young, have gained a few pounds, and one of my medications was listed as a cause of man boobs.

About a month or so ago I noticed what appeared to be small man boobs on my chest. They were situated right where women have boobs. My possible man boobs were about the size of a "developing" young girl.

I sort of freaked out. I'm a guy, I'm not supposed to have boobs. I don't want to have boobs. I don't want to have even little ones. I'm a guy. Guys have pectoral muscles, WOMEN have boobs.

Physically, I walk daily. I walk the equivalent length of four football fields. I also use dumbbells, to firm my upper arms and chest. I do not want to have man boobs. I don't want to wear a "man bra" either!

Man boobs? What if my man boobs grow bigger? What if I end up with big "man melons"? What if I need to start buying bras at Victoria's Secret, for myself? What if they keep growing and I have to go for cosmetic surgery, and get a breast reduction? I'm a guy, I'm not supposed to have boobs!

As it happens, I was scheduled to go to the doctor soon, for a general follow up visit. I decided I would ask the doctor if I had man boobs. Really? I'm going to the doctor to get a diagnosis of man boobs? I'm a guy, I'm not supposed to have boobs!

So I went to the doctor and told him about my man boobs. I lifted my shirt and showed him my man boobs. He checked them out, felt around the nipples, and rendered his diagnosis. No man boobs. He thought my pectoral expansion was probably due to my lifting weights. Or age.

Hot damn! No man boobs!

Then I thought, "Hmm. Too bad, if I had boobs, I could feel myself up!"