chewing gum kills

From Fox News

"Samantha Jenkins was only 19-years-old when she died on June 3, 2011, from what is believed to be complications stemming from her excessive chewing gum habit.

An investigation into her death revealed that the teen, from Llanelli, south Wales consumed up to 14 sticks a day, according to The Guardian (a UK newspaper). Jenkins died in her mother’s arms days after she suffered a violent seizure that sent her to the hospital. Doctors said large wads of green chewing gum were found in her stomach and may have led to her body’s inability to absorb vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, according to the report.

Jenkins fell unconscious after constant seizures caused her brain to swell and doctors were unable to revive her.

Jenkin’s mother, Maria Morgan, 45, told investigators that she believes that her daughter died from being poisoned by sweeteners like aspartame and sorbitol that are found in gum, according to The Guardian.

Dr. Paul Griffins, a pathologist who performed a postmortem examination on Jenkins, also reportedly suggested the sweeteners contributed to her death, according to The Guardian.”

Seems like just about everything is bad for you. Now even chewing gum is hazardous to your health? The government solution? The government's solution is to ban it. Or overtax it out of existence. Or maybe the government should just ban everything or overtax everything. Oh, wait a minute, they're already doing that.