California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that bans the use of the word "alien" in California as it relates to illegal immigrants.

Yes, really.

What with severe drought, severe poverty, severe wildfires, severe traffic congestion, severe unemployment and severe high housing costs in California, banning the word "alien" is what the elected state government officials in California think is important? THIS is how the California State Legislature and the Governor spend taxpayer time and money - banning the word "alien"? Insane and idiotic! So now the only "aliens" allowed in California will be aliens from outer space. And, to be politically correct, when/if extraterrestrials land here in California, will we have to refer to them as "undocumented immigrants" too? And shall we also give them free education, free medical care, and a free iPhone so they can phone home?

A message to federal, state and local elected officials: "Enough! Stop playing politics and start fixing the major problems facing law-abiding, tax-paying citizens!