millennial speak

OK, I am a baby boomer and am hereby officially declaring my "dinosaur status". Why? Because of the new Microsoft Windows 10 TV ad geared to millennials. The ad ends with: "Windows 10. A more human way to do."

A more human way to do WHAT? A more human way to do? Where's the rest of it? Can't Microsoft complete the thought? Can't people complete a sentence anymore? "A more human way to do"? A more human way to do WHAT? "I can't even". I can't even WHAT? Is THIS the new accepted way of speaking and writing? I can't even. I am an author. I communicate with readers, using the written word. I can't even. I can't even understand how millennials communicate. What are they trying to say? What are they trying to communicate? Why don't they complete their thoughts? Or their sentences. Suddenly, as an author, and a human being, I can no longer communicate with younger people. I'm a dinosaur. Younger people no longer speak or write proper English. They no longer complete a thought, or a sentence. Why is that? Oh, wait a minute. According to scientific studies, humans today have the attention span of a goldfish; less than eight seconds. That could mean people run out of concentration, have a brain lapse, BEFORE they can complete a sentence or a thought. Maybe that's why they leave off the end of a sentence, because their attention wanders - because they have the attention span of a goldfish. This must be especially true for millennials. NOW it makes sense.

What's the solution?

We dinosaurs have to start thinking and acting like a goldfish! I can't even.