My Diet Pepsi Is Dead

I loyally drank Caffeine Free Sugar Free Diet Pepsi for decades. I liked the taste and the carbonation. I drink 2-3 cans a day. Every day. 365 days a year. I do not like Coke, it's too "bitter" for my taste. Now, suddenly, Pepsi has removed the sugar taste (via aspartame) and replaced it with less tasty, less sugary sucralose. Why? As far as I can figure, it is because millennials have decided that they don't want aspartame in their soft drinks. Why? They think aspartame is unhealthy. They think aspartame is unhealthy the same way they think that all processed food is "bad". The same way they think gluten-free is a must-have, even though only 1% of the population is actually allergic to gluten - and, according to the medical profession, the other 99% get NO health benefits from gluten-free food. Yes, millennials would rather pay twice as much for tasteless "organic" food. Now, millennials have done the same thing to soft drinks - and ruined my Pepsi. And the Pepsi company caved in, and changed a perfectly good tasting soft drink to a perfectly good, less tasty soft drink.

Now, after loyally drinking it for decades, I will have to give up the new caffeine free sugar free aspartame free Diet Pepsi and go and find another soft drink. Do you think it's easy to find a caffeine free, sugar free diet cola (that isn't Coca Cola) that still contains aspartame? It isn't. I don't know if there even is one that is carried by my major local supermarket. What about drinking bottled water? I tried it, I hated it, it is completely without any taste at all.

I hate change. Especially if the change makes things taste worse.