it's winter in L.A.

Today is Monday. It's the middle of December. It's winter in Los Angeles. Again. What do I mean "again"? It was cold in early November then it warmed up and now, it's no longer warm, it's cold. It's not supposed to be cold in L.A. It's supposed to be 80 degrees! That's why I moved here from the East Coast decades ago. That's why live here!

I went out today at 11 AM and it was 49 degrees. Too f-ing cold for L.A.! Brrr. When I went for a walk at 1:30 PM I wore 2 jackets, one on top of the other.

It is cold. I am cold. It's now winter in L.A.

To get in sync with the current weather, with winter, tonight, when I go out, for the first time since last winter I plan on wearing my fur-lined boots!
Tonight I'll be wearing fur-lined boots and 2 jackets. Layering, baby!

Luckily, it will once again be 73 degrees on Friday. Yay!