doctor appointment

mission impossible

I called my doctor to make an appointment. No one answered the phone and the automated voice told me that someone would be with me shortly. I was stuck on hold for 10 minutes. I hung up and, twenty minutes later, called back again. This time I was stuck on hold for 7 minutes. Nobody answered the phone at the doctor's office. I could not make an appointment. I realized that I had to DRIVE to the doctor's office to make an appointment to see the doctor! Really? Yes. Is that crazy? Yes. Was I annoyed? Yes. I drove to the doctor's office and made an appointment. Yes, I told them that when I called I was put on hold, twice, and had to drive over here just to make an appointment. They didn't care. The office was undergoing a comprehensive computer system upgrade, presumably to be more efficient. lol.

So, in the wonderful world of instant electronic devices, I was forced to go "old school" and had to drive over to my doctor's office - to make an appointment to see him. The entire trip took me an hour. Did they let me see the doctor while I was there in front of them? No, of course not. I have to wait 2 days to see him and then will have to drive back again. I have been a patient of this doctor for over 15 years. Why should it be this hard to make a doctor's appointment?