mobile warming

Mobile Warming


"For the first time, smartphone shipments have reached 1 billion. That probably means a lot of calling, texting, and app use. It also means a lot of phones being plugged into the grid and charging.

A new study by analyst Juniper Research found that smartphone charging could soon be a massive generator of carbon dioxide, which is one of the greenhouse gases thought to cause global warming. According to the study, greenhouse gas emissions from mobile devices will more than double within five years.

Currently, the world is generating 6.4 megatons of greenhouse gases from smartphone charging. By 2019, Juniper Research predicts, that amount will be more than 13 megatons."

There it is. Cell phones are a cause of greenhouse gases. EVERYONE has a smartphone. Practically everyone has an iPhone. That means that EVERYONE is harming the environment. Including Apple. Charging your iPhone means that YOU are harming the environment. That also means that all the liberals and extreme environmentalists, whenever they charge their iPhone (or other brand), are creating greenhouse gases, and harming the very planet they want to save!

It's not just good old Global Warming, now it's also Mobile Warming.

So if you REALLY care about the environment and reducing greenhouse gases, you'll throw away your cell phone. Oh, wait a minute, cell phones are electronic toxic waste, throwing it away will create more toxic waste. You can't throw away your iPhone, you'll have to turn it in at your local official government toxic waste recycling plant, which may be 20 miles away, which is 40 miles round trip. That means you likely have to drive to get there, and drive back, thereby generating even MORE greenhouse gases and pollution from your vehicle. Hey, your cell phone is causing Mobile Warming, you gotta do what you gotta do. Gee, saving the planet in the electronic age is inconvenient isn't it?