truck driver makes $20 million a year


A teacher once told Gary Cohn's parents that if they were lucky he might grow up to be a truck driver.

"I was a horrible student," Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs (the leading Wall St investment bank), told a room full of teachers.

As a kid growing up in Cleveland, Cohn was diagnosed with dyslexia--a reading disorder.

He struggled in school. By the time he was in 6th grade, he had been bounced around to four different schools.

Sometimes he would overhear things that his teachers told his parents, particularly about his trajectory in life.

"Probably the most poignant thing I heard out of a teacher that I wasn't supposed to hear was when she told my parents if they were really lucky and spent a lot of time with me I might grow up to be a truck driver."

Cohn, 54, joked that he drove a truck when he was 16. "I was a pretty damn good truck driver. I did grow up to be a little more than a truck driver."

At Goldman Sachs, the leading Wall Street investment banking institution, as its president Cohn earned $20 million in 2014. In addition, he is reputed to have owned more than $175 million in Goldman stock.

Another good example of teachers accurately predicting the future of their students. Not.

UPDATE:January 2017: Gary Cohn, President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the National Economic Council, will receive severance in excess of $100 million as he exits Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street firm where he was second in command. And and will also be permitted to cash in on $23 million of stock options. Cohn has to divest himself of Goldman holdings in order to comply with ethics requirements. Not bad for a truck driver.