Billion Dollar Lottery

Nobody won the $900 million jackpot for the Powerball lottery. On Wednesday the new jackpot will be $1.3 billion. Yes, billion.

I will buy a reasonable number of Powerball tickets for Wednesday's billion dollar drawing. Probably 20 tickets. Or maybe 100. It doesn't much matter how many tickets one buys as the odds are still ridiculous. The odds of winning for one ticket will be like 300-million-to-1. Buy a ton of tickets and the odds go down to maybe 299-million-to-1. Still ridiculous. But I don't care about the odds - a billion dollar prize is worth throwing a couple of dollars at!

When I win (you notice that I said WHEN not IF) I will take the $800 million cash payout. And have a ton of fun. I think I will start window shopping NOW! Let's see, I will need a new house, a new car, furniture, curved ultra-hd TV, maid service, landscapers, sexy girls, and lots of Viagra. And a personal assistant to coordinate and manage it all for me. Coordinate and manage everything. Except maybe the sexy girls, I'll want to handle them myself.