People's Choice

The People's Choice Awards 2016

People's Choice Awards winners 2016 include:

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Taylor Kinney
Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Ellen Pompeo

Who are these winners??? I don't know. I never heard of them. I guess I never heard of them because I never watched either of the TV shows that they are starring in. What can I say, I'm a dinosaur.

I noticed that the show used the term "winner" and posted a list of Winners. I thought that, in liberal PC America, we are no longer using the word "winner", as there are not supposed to be winners and losers as that is not Fair and Equal. Instead, all the nominees for the People's Choice Awards should have been awarded Participation Trophies!

I also noticed that the award show had categories for "actresses". For shame, Hollywood! I believe the word "actress" is a microaggression, demeaning, sexist and a word-weapon in the War on Women. Word-weapon? OMG, I think I just invented a new word! Fantastic! Now, liberals can add "word-weapon" to the Vocabulary of Political Correctness.