age is just a number

Thanks to the Baby Boomer Generation, age is just a number.

In previous generations, you retired at 65 ... and died at 67. Then, after WWII, young people started living longer, until age 80+, with plenty of time to do fun things after they reached retirement age. 50 became the new 40. 60 became the new 50. 70 became the new 60. "Old age" no longer existed.

As the first original Baby Boomers now approach age 70, things are about to change. 70 may be the new 60 but, at age 70, people can no longer believe they are still young. They're not young. At 70, they are old. Damn! 70-year-olds can still have fun and think and act young but it looks (and feels) stupid. Because 70-year-olds are now dinosaurs, young dinosaurs. And dinosaurs became extinct.

So, 70-year-olds can continue to enjoy life but have to stop acting like a 40-year-old. Or a 50-year-old. 70 is the new 60. And 60 is not young. At 70, you're old. And a dinosaur. Accept it. Embrace it. Live with it.

"We may be old but we're not dead yet".