France bans sex

France just passed a law against paying for sex.

That means that many guys can't get laid in France and many women can't make a living renting sexual favors.

from the Huffington Post:

France passed one of the toughest laws in Europe against buying sex on Wednesday, but supporters say it’s one of the most progressive for prostitutes.

The bill puts the onus of prostitution on the client, and decriminalizes the act for prostitutes,

Those who buy sex will be punished with fines and compelled to attend classes to learn about the harmful effects prostitution has on sex workers, according to the Associated Press.

The client will first face a $1,700 fine. That would climb to $4,250 for a second offense.

Equality Now, a group that fights for the rights of women and girls, says that this model –- first adopted in Sweden in 1999 –- helps curb the demand for commercial sex, which fuels sex trafficking. It also promotes equality between men and women, according to the group.

“Sweden understood that gender inequality and sexual exploitation, including sex trafficking, could not be combated effectively as long as it was considered acceptable to purchase access to another –- often more vulnerable and disadvantaged –- person’s body,” Equality Now said in a statement.

Speaking for all us horrible and horny males (according to many liberals, ALL men are horrible and horny), what about all the lonely ugly guys and old guys in France who have to pay in order to have female company? Now they can't get laid at all? Wait a minute. Men in France who pay for sex will be fined but the woman selling her body will not? Hey, morons, it takes TWO to tango! Penalizing only the man is discrimination not "equality between men and women". If idjiots make prostitution punishable, according to the liberal's "fair and equal" doctrine, you have to punish BOTH male and female participants!

As for gender equality and "fair and equal", since the beginning of time many adult males have had to pay for sex and women have not - many females generally can get laid anytime they want. How is THAT equality? The normal human reality is that women biologically have something men really want - sex - and sometimes the only way men can get it is to pay for it. And that's a crime? How about making prostitution NOT a crime and regulating it properly so that no one is exploited???