American Heart Association

Comments by Nancy Brown, CEO American Heart Association, in response to the FDA putting severe and expensive controls and regulations on electronic cigarettes:

"On behalf of my organization — the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association — and our 30 million-plus volunteers and supporters, we commend the FDA for taking this significant action. Still, it’s comforting to know that we’re headed in the right direction now and that we already know where more gains can be made.

So as we celebrate adding this milestone to the list, we look forward to further additions. The sooner we act, the more lives we can save and improve."

Sounds good except the new FDA regs will put most e-cig makers out of business and will thus deprive ADULTS of their right to buy and use the much safer electronic cigarettes. The new FDA regulations will force e-cig makers to submit and register all their products, at a cost of $1 million for EACH product, effectively putting them out of business.

As for the bogus argument that electronic cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals, e-cigs contain no tobacco and scientific studies show electronic cigarettes contain extremely low amounts of carcinogens, at levels not harmful to humans. In fact, according to and other reliable sources, many things contain carcinogens, including alcoholic beverages, processed meat, cosmetics and solar radiation. So, in the misguided effort to protect our youth from all potentially dangerous substances the government will have to ban practically everything, including sunshine!