FDA promotes smoking

The FDA has now made it impossible for small business e-cig makers to provide adult consumers with the safer alternative to smoking. Thus, thanks to the stupid government, MORE Americans may soon be smoking cigarettes!

From usnews.com

"Companies must within two years submit premarket tobacco application papers with the FDA, which will take on average 1,500 hours to process with an additional 213 hours for related environmental review, at an estimated cost of more than $1 million for each flavor, nicotine strength and device – a prohibitive barrier to smaller firms. And once applications are submitted, there’s no guarantee the FDA will give a green light."

$1 million. Per flavor and per strength and per device. Well, that puts my e-cig supplier out of business. And all the other small electronic cigarette companies. My e-cig supplier makes the products in California and employs many workers in California, ALL of whom will soon be unemployed. Nice going FDA. So, at that point (2 years from now) I will have to switch to a major e-cig maker (none of which compare to my current supplier), or stop vaping, or try a smoking cessation drug with horrible side effects, or use a stupid nicotine patch which takes 6-hours to begin working, or return to smoking, which is banned everywhere. Or maybe I'll be dead by then and my problem will solve itself.

Today, Saturday, May 7, 2016, marks 4 years and 5 months since I stopped smoking. After smoking a pack a day for over 50 years, I quit - in 1 day - thanks solely to e-cigs. According to my doctors and all the tests, I am healthier now than I was 5 years ago. And the government wants to regulate e-cigs out of business. Idjiots!

After I win the $400 million Powerball jackpot tonight, at this point in American history I may have to leave my native country, America, buy a private island and start my own country, with my own laws. I will be the ruler. I will make the laws. And vaping will be allowed! Personal freedom for adults will be allowed! Idjiots will not be allowed!