the red bentley

I was out driving one afternoon, doing errands. As I was coming to a stop at a red light I looked over and in the next lane I saw a Bentley. A red Bentley. A red Bentley with a middle aged man driving, alone, in his $200,000+ car. Huh, I thought. Very nice car. But RED? Metallic red? What kind of a color is metallic red for a Bentley? It's like buying a bright red Rolls Royce. WHY? Bentley makes lots of beautiful colors one can choose. They have black, grays, purples, tans, greens, whites, maroons. They even have a Porpoise color (whatever THAT is. Grayish?) A metallic red Bentley? OK, I can see a metallic red color for a Ferrari or some other expensive foreign sports car. Or a Ford Mustang. I can see a metallic red exterior color for a Corvette. OK, red is a cool color - for certain cars. But not for a Bentley. It didn't look right. It didn't look like the exclusive expensive extravagant car that it is. It did not look suave and sophisticated. It looked "cheap". It looked "common". That's just my opinion. Of course, if someone can afford to pay $200,000 or more for a car, they can choose whatever color they want! This is especially true in trendy L.A., the car capital of the world.

When I buy my Bentley (after I win the lottery) I will not choose a red one. Maybe I'll get the porpoise colored one. Then again, depending on how big a lottery jackpot I win, maybe I'll get one in EVERY color! Every color except red.