misnamed sex act

The thought occurred to me that the sexual act of giving or getting a blowjob is misnamed. There is no "blowing", either on or into the penis. No blowing. There is sucking, licking, maybe spitting on, maybe biting, kissing, deep throating, rubbing the penis during a blowjob - there is no blowing.

The word blowjob is a misnomer, a mislabel, a mistake.

The word "blowjob" needs to be changed. Like the handjob, which involves using the hand(s), or the footjob, which involves the feet, a blowjob involves the mouth - and should be more descriptively and accurately referred to as a mouthjob.

Think about it, you know I'm right. Think about it, who cares what you call it, as long as you get one.