Pot jobs

New job opportunities for Americans. Pot jobs. Yes, marijuana. Thanks to many states legalizing pot for medical or recreational use the cannabis industry is booming!

From fool.com

"the cannabis industry extends beyond just growing, processing, and budtending at the retail level. Job opportunities are flourishing in security (since most banks refuse to deal with marijuana-based businesses, cash is still king), courier and delivery services, regulation, web and software development, consulting, and marketing. In fact, CNBC notes that roughly 400 students have enrolled in a 12-course program offered by the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis in Natick, Massachusetts that'll potentially jump-start their career in the cannabis industry. As with any industry, employment pay can vary, but managers and shop owners can certainly make six figures under the right conditions."

Yeah, soon kids will go to college or trade school - and major in marijuana. At least they'll love the homework! Then, after graduation, with a Dope Degree, they can enter the cannabis industry and make a career of it. "Hey, man, don't bug me about my stinky joint, smoking pot is my job!"

Assuming it's true, here's a news story that proves the future has already arrived. From MyNewsLA:

Most employers bar drug-takers. But an Orange County (south of Los Angeles) -educated man’s help-wanted ad on Craigslist insists that applicants be “420 friendly” — at ease with marijuana use.

“If you don’t test positive for marijuana, it will be strange and interesting,” says the ad for a promotional marketing manager with BudTrader.com, which calls itself the largest online medical marijuana marketplace. “But medical marijuana use is not a requirement.”

Pay isn’t bad for someone who needs only a high school diploma or GED: “$60,000 base [a year], plus bonuses, commissions and unlimited ‘samples’ of various marijuana/CBD/hemp-related products.”

Others perks: You get to “oversee [a] bevy of supermodel promo girls at upcoming events” and you get a free gym membership with a haircut and styling by a “top stylist.”

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