70 is the new 20

In 2017, thanks to oldsters like billionaire Donald Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders and rock legend Mick Jagger, being 70 years old is like being 20. These people and and others have the energy of a teenager. They outperform youngsters in their teens and 20's, who can't even keep up with these 70-year-olds. Donald Trump became President at age 70 and works 20 hours a day! His staff can't keep up with him. And Mick Jagger, lead singer of the legendary Rolling Stones, is 73 and still performing! And, at 73, he's a new dad!

Yes, you should be impressed. 70-year-old guys with the energy of a teenager. 70 is the new 20. Or maybe the new 18.

I wonder if these 70-year-old guys need viagra. Probably not.

Age is just a number.