I Failed My Blood Test

I was unable to give blood for my scheduled lab test. Yes, I failed my blood test. Why? How? Apparently I have no veins.

I went to the lab at 2:30 PM on a Wednesday to have blood tests done as per my primary doctor's intructions and prior to my apt with another doctor.

The lab tech was unable to find a vein (always a problem with me). After 4 tries he finally found one, which stopped giving blood immediately. There were 4-5 tubes to be filled but I was only able to give a small smattering of blood which did not even coat the inner side of one tube.

The lab phlebotomist did not offer any other alternatives and suggested that I come back and try again another day. I’m sure it will be the same problem. And, yes, I was hydrated and wearing a warm jacket and the tech used the smallest needle.

So, apparently I can’t give blood via my veins for lab tests and I seem to have no other viable veins in my body. How are my doctors supposed to test and monitor important health signs and organs in my body - like my cholesterol, thyroid, prostate, sugar level - if they can't have blood drawn? Will I thus have to live with no lab tests, with not being able to have blood tests for the rest of my life, and thus end up dying from some undiagnosed disease?

The good news is that, as a result of having no visible veins, and not being able to give blood, I am immune from vampires.