Near death experience in Los Angeles

deadly metal missile

I had a very close call, a near death experience. Really. Here's what happened

My apartment complex has been undergoing a major renovation. Construction everywhere. Construction vehicles coming and going, heavy equipment, cranes, etc. All day long.

At about 11 AM, on a Monday, I was walking around the parking lot near my building, for exercise. I do that six days a week (I take Sundays off). It was a nice warm sunshiny day. I walked behind my parked car and continued around the parking lot. Suddenly, I heard a crash. Boom! A big heavy metal pipe had flown through the air - towards me. It flew through the air for hundreds of feet - and banged to the ground and bounced - a few feet from where I stood. I was nearly killed! If that metal missile had hit me in the back, chest or head, I would no doubt have died instantly. If it had happened 20 seconds earlier, right where and when I had been walking behind my vehicle, I would have been struck and killed!

Needless to say, I was shook up.

I looked up the hill and saw some construction workers coming down to see what happened. When they got close, they were going to pick up the big pipe and bring it back up the hill to where they were working. I told them, "Don't touch it! Leave it right there." I looked back up the hill and saw the top of a crane. It was possible that the metal pipe might have broken off the crane and somehow became a deadly metal airborne missile.

I then went over and looked at my parked car. This is what I saw:

The pipe broke my car!

Shortly, the property manager and the construction manager showed up. When they saw what happened they were both visibly shaken. They realized that I could easily have been killed. Then, I showed them my car. OMG, they couldn't believe a big heavy metal pipe had flown through the air hundreds of feet, smashed into my car, bounced several times and nearly killed me. There were even gouges on the concrete parking lot where the pipe had hit.

How big was the pipe? Big. How heavy was the pipe? Heavy. How close did it come to killing me? Too close.

the guy holding the pipe is well over 6 feet tall

An actual real scary near death experience? A close call? Yes, I wasn't killed - by a matter of seconds. Yes, I escaped death. Yes, I am hugely grateful and hugely thankful to be alive. The moral of the story? Life is precious, live it.