No Jacket January

In Los Angeles, it's the end of January. Today it was 73 degrees and sunny. At the end of January. I went outside during the day without a jacket. It felt good.

In Paris, it was 41 degrees F.

In Moscow, it was 21 degrees F.

In those places, and in most other places around the world, in late January you need a warm winter jacket. And gloves.

And, incredibly, tomorrow, in L.A. it will be 84 degrees. And sunny. And the next day it will be 85 degrees.

No jacket January. That's why I live here!

UPDATE: On Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 4, 2018) the forecasted temperature, at kickoff, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is 3 degrees F. In Los Angeles, at kickoff time, it will be 80 degrees. Final Weather Super Bowl score: Los Angeles: 80, Minneapolis: 3.