Welcome to Hollywood

I looked out my window and saw a bunch of trucks full of movie equipment going by. I went outside on my balcony and this is what I saw

Apparently, they were going to shoot a TV show or a movie next door and were using the parking lot and other areas. Yes, this happens often in Los Angeles. Welcome to Hollywood!

I do not know what TV show or movie they are shooting. However, whichever it is, filming usually messes up local traffic and parking. I expect that to happen here, for as long as they are shooting in the vicinity. However, it's exciting and maybe I'll see or meet some Hollywood movie stars. Maybe the director will ask me to be in the show. And pay me. Or, maybe I'll get a free meal from the always excellent onsite catering service. Or, maybe I'll just be inconvenienced, day and night, until they leave.

Or maybe they're shooting a porn movie and I'll get to see, or meet, the female star(s). Oh, yeah!