No chirping

The landlord is renovating my apartment complex. Among other things, they replaced the sliding door to my balcony with a new one that is highly energy efficient and provides better insulation. It will more efficiently keep the heat and air conditioning inside, saving me money on my electric bill.

What I did notice is that, inside my apartment, I also now hear almost no noise from outside. Normally, that's a good thing but now I no longer hear the birds chirping outside. That's not a good thing. I did enjoy hearing the birds' daily chirping in the early morning hours. Birds chirping. A sound of nature. A sound of life. Now gone.

No more hearing birds chirping outside? What can I do about it? I could open the door and hear the birds chirping again. However, at 6 AM, even in warmer months, it's a bit too cold for that. When I get up early and have my coffee at my computer, I could blast the heat and open the door but that defeats the whole purpose of energy efficient doors/windows. What will I do? Give up hearing birds chirping outside? Delay hearing chirping birds until the day warms up enough to open the sliding door to the outside? Or, wait until I leave the apartment and go outside, and once outside, stand there like an idiot and listen to the birds chirping? Buy some birds and keep them in a cage in my apartment? I don't want to do that, birds should live outside and fly in the sky, free, the way nature made them.

What I need is indoor chirping, to replace the no longer available outside chirping.

What I need is a 24/7 "chirping channel" on my cable TV or online. Or a "chirping" app for my cell phone. Yes, that would be a creative chirping solution. Crazy, but creative.