Be A Smiley Face

by Andrew Lawrence

The Magic of a Smile

A genuine smile tells the world you are happy. And the world responds to a smile; people like you when you smile. And when people like you they are more apt to wish you well, to want to make good things happen for you. When you smile people are more attracted to you, you are more approachable, it’s easier to start a conversation and a smile makes other people feel good, it makes other people feel happier, which in turn makes YOU feel good, makes YOU feel happier. It doesn’t have to be a big smile, it can be a little smile … as long as it’s a genuine smile. A genuine smile can work wonders. Put a smile on your face. And if people ask you why you are smiling (and they will) just tell them, “I’m alive. That’s a good reason to smile“.

Make your soul happy
Your soul does not want money, a new car, new clothes, new shoes or a new handbag. Your soul does not want to be petty, vengeful, angry, sad, confused, tired or sick. Your soul does not want to be obese or anorexic, or watch more TV or send and receive more text messages. Your soul does not need a college education or a PhD or a better job or a hot stock or more credit cards. Your soul does not want to drink lots of beer or wine or scotch or rum or bourbon or gin or vodka. Your soul does not want to snort cocaine, shoot heroin, do methamphetamines or smoke marijuana. Your soul does not want to smoke cigars or cigarettes, Your soul does not want to binge on cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, potato chips or chocolate (though a little chocolate IS good for the soul).

The soul wants few things. The things a soul wants do not cost money. The things the soul wants are free. The soul wants Peace. It wants Harmony. It wants Nature. It wants Beauty. It wants Love. It wants to be Recognized. It wants to be Happy.

When strangers smile or nod at you, without speaking, that’s their soul recognizing your soul. Saying hello. I often smile or nod at perfect strangers and, if eye contact is made, rarely fail to get a nod or smile in return. That is my soul recognizing their soul and their soul returning the greeting. The recognition feels good. It’s good for the soul. It makes the soul happy. That recognition connects souls, connects people at a higher level, a spiritual level, a metaphysical level, the level of the soul. It makes you feel part of the human race, part of the universe. And also makes you feel that you are not alone.

Put a smile on your face. Be a smiley face.

Do this every day. Do it today. Now. Whenever you see someone, and they're looking your way, smile. Give them a genuine smile. And get one in return. It's 2 souls saying hello. Do it and see how good you feel ... and how much better your life is! Make it a habit.

The above is an excerpt from my book, "The Happiness Transformation". If you want to be happy, now, and for the rest of your life, click here