Staying Sane

During an entire year of the Covid-19 plague, March 2020-March 2021, I was able to maintain my sanity. I did not become depressed or overly anxious or bored. How did I do it? A hobby. Photography. My photographic fine art hobby kept me sane, and optimistic. How? Why? I was involved with it, in it. I was involved in something that satisfied me, something creative and beautiful. I was deeply involved in a worthwhile hobby that I was able to do daily. 

And, I even created a photo book about the pandemic.

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Since I started my hobby three years ago I have created over 2,000 fine art photographs. They are available for viewing at Fine Art America

One of the secrets of being happy is doing what you love. And having a purpose. Find that. Find YOUR purpose.

My books can help.