Cure for loneliness

Problem? Create a simple solution. Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

Here is my KISS Solution for loneliness

Robots. Sex robots. Sexbots. Instead of people feeling, and being, lonely, and having all sorts of mental problems with it, they can have companionship. As often as they like. With a lifelike robot. Companion robots. Bots that look human, act human, can carry on a conversation, and even have sex. Sexbots.

Meet Maya

Self-Learning Artificially Intelligent Sex Doll with Touch Sensors, Body Temperature Control, Interactive Voice Communication and Emotional Facial Expressions

Maya retails for about $3,500. With upgrade options. A lifelike robot. Now, is THAT a viable cure for loneliness? Yes, they make male sexbots too.  For lonely women, of all ages. 

An attractive lifelike sexbot doesn't care if you're old, or obese, or ugly. Or human. They will shower you with affection and companionship. And conversation. And sex. All you have to do is ask for it, or command it.

My solution for loneliness also includes sexbots being covered by health insurance. Why not, couldn't having a sexbot cut down on millions of people having medical and/or psychological problems relating to isolation and loneliness, and save insurance companies a lot of money over time?

I am not affiliated with any sex robot companies. Yet.