Lenovo Love

 I love love love my Lenovo laptop!

No, I am not getting paid by Lenovo or affiliated with them.

I have owned my Lenovo pc laptop for a couple of years now and am still very pleased with it. It works great, starts up quickly and yes, it has a lit keyboard for middle of the night computing. This 13.3 inch laptop is a good size for everything I do on it, it's very well made, thin, not too heavy but substantial, very portable if need be and the keyboard is very good. The screen is bright and clear. And it has plenty of storage. Among other things, I am storing 20 books I wrote, and over 1,800 fine art photographs I took and edited, and still have plenty of storage left. And this laptop fits my desk area nicely.

So far, based on this laptop I am a 100% loyal Lenovo customer. Thank you, Lenovo, for making an excellent laptop. Yes, when it's time I will be replacing my current laptop with another Lenovo. 

It is a genuine pleasure to have a product I use daily that is not junk, that works like it should, and is reasonable priced. More and more, the things I buy these days that are actually good quality, at a good price, are a rarity, an exception to the poor-quality "new economy". 

I am a strong believer in giving credit where credit is due. Especially in this day and age of lousy products and services, and often non-human, customer service. I would've sent this glowing testimonial to Lenovo but on their website I could not find how to contact them for that. Hence this post here on my blog.


February 2023. As my beloved laptop was getting old I bought a new Lenovo 13.3 inch laptop. As a replacement. BEFORE my beloved old one stopped working. And it was on sale for President's Day! Once I started setting it up I realized that the all-important keyboard backlighting was not automatic. It's default was the off position. It would turn off and the keyboard would go dark after like 15 seconds of idleness. It had to be activated EVERY time you wanted to use the keyboard again. What? I do a lot of  creative stuff, in the middle of the night, in the dark. I write books, blogs and do lots of photo editing, in the dark of night. In a dimly lit room. I NEED a backlit keyboard that lights up and stays lit permanently. 

I spoke to Lenovo and they told me they designed the new laptops with this new default backlit keyboard - to save the battery. I never use my laptop on battery power, it is always plugged in. I do not need to save the battery! And they told me that there is no option for permanently turning on the backlit keyboard. I'm on my computer 9-12 hours a day,  7 days a week, doing stuff. In a darkened room. And it is a annoying pain in the ass to have to turn on the keyboard backlight 200 times a day.

Sad, upset and disgusted I returned the new laptop for a full refund. I cannot use this Lenovo and apparently all the smaller Lenovo laptops work this way. 

So, no more Lenovo. The love affair is over. Because they got design-stupid and environmental overcontrolling - without first checking with PAYING F-ING USERS.

Welcome to the New Economy. Where nothing works properly. And, if something does work well, and is of good quality, it's rare.