Life of luxury

 I live a life of luxury. Luxury according to my standards. 

My luxury lifestyle includes living in Los Angeles, where it is mostly warm and sunny, with low humidity, year round. I live in a safe neighborhood, in a gated community, in an apartment that has electricity, heat and air conditioning, running water and indoor plumbing. I drive a car, a necessity in L.A. I can buy, and eat, food. Every day. 

I have good health insurance. I am college educated and, as an old person, my brain still works. Yes, that is a luxury. I also look good in casual clothes I buy from Walmart and sometimes Target.

I live a life of luxury. To me, and many people throughout the world, these life basics are fundamental luxuries. And, if I won millions of dollars in the lottery, I wouldn't change much, and I would still live the same life of what I consider basic luxury. Except maybe I'd get a bigger apartment, a 2-bedroom. And a housekeeping/cleaning service.