Vintage People

It seems I have joined the vintage people. Clothing-wise I seem to have joined the vintage people.

I noticed that my t-shirts are old and becoming faded. Vintage-like. And my jeans are old and becoming faded. Vintage-like. My jackets are also old and becoming faded. Vintage-like.

Why don't I buy new fresh t-shirts etc? Because new clothes suck. They are made poorly and don't fit. Years ago, they (the clothing manufacturers) messed up the sizes. It used to be that a Medium was a medium. A Large was a large. These days, a Medium may be a Small and a Large may be a Medium. You don't know what size will fit you. You have to try them on to see if they fit. And, with the brick-and-mortar stores stocking little or nothing you have to buy your clothes online, await shipping and, when/if the clothes don't fit, repack them up, ship them and return them. A pain in the ass. Anyway, sorry for the off-topic online shopping rant, let's back back to me joining the vintage people. Another reason I don't want to buy new t-shirts is the cost. I don't need, or want, to buy $40 t-shirts. I look good in a $10 t-shirt. Unfortunately, the $10 t-shirts these days are made lousy and don't fit.

So, what will I do? How will I deal with going vintage, with joining the vintage people? At this time I will just go with it. I will become a vintage dinosaur, I will look good (old but good) and deal with it. Or maybe go naked.