Stop The Speeding

Speeding sucks. Speeders suck. 

While driving on local city streets in my area I see way too many other drivers going way too fast, speeding. Hey, a-holes, when the speed limit on city streets is 25 mph or 35 mph that doesn't mean you can go 45 or 50! OK, maybe you're in a hurry. Or want to cheat the speed limit a little, maybe 2-3 mph over. Or even 5 mph over. NOT 10 or 15 f-ing miles per hour over!

Speeding is dangerous. Sometimes deadly. Especially if you text while speeding! Speeding morons are piloting a vehicle weighing over 2 tons, over 4,000 pounds. Treat it like the potential deadly missile it is. Stop speeding. Slow down and obey the speed limit. You'll live longer. So will other drivers and pedestrians.