My newest amazon book. It contains my simple effective creative solutions to society's problems. Based on the principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid.  A must-read for every politician, every CEO, every activist, every sane voter

Here's a sample


I was watching a news story about the dramatic increase in homeless people in Los Angeles County. This is due to many factors, including high rents (average $2,500 a month) and home costs (the median price is over $700,000). There are over 65,000 people who are homeless in the L.A. area. Many homeless people live in tents. Or cardboard boxes. Most of the increase in homelessness involves minorities; blacks and Hispanics/Latino.

California’s state budget for homeless programs is over $7 billion. Local government spends as much as $800,000 a year for each homeless person in Los Angeles. $800,000 a year??? Are you kidding me? The government of Los Angeles is spending $800,000 a year per homeless person? That is a RIDICULOUS amount to money for a city or county to spend on homeless - without solving the homeless problem!

Let's use our head (and common sense) and do this: my KISS Solution

If it costs $800,000 a year for each homeless person, Los Angeles should just pay each homeless person $75,000 a year and let the homeless get themselves off the streets! And the local government could SAVE over $700,000 a year per homeless person!

As the average salary in Los Angeles is currently about $70,000, being homeless would pay better than working!

That is my KISS Solution for homelessness. Problem solved. It can also be applied to other cities throughout America.

Homelessness? K-I-S-S IT!


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