Winner Foods

 I went food shopping today and bought these 3 foods. Buttermilk pancakes. Ensure liquid nutrition. Teriyaki Chicken. (no, I don't cook. I microwave.)

Then I realized something and made up the following rhyme about each of them and all of them together.

"Winner. Winner. Winner. Breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

With 3 pancakes I can start eating breakfast in 75 seconds. The package of 12 pancakes cost me $1.99

With the Ensure I can "eat" lunch in 5 minutes (and it's portable!) And costs less than $2 per lunch.

The Teriyaki Chicken tastes good, takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and costs me $1.50.

Using food like this I save time. And money. A lot of money. And is also how I maintain a healthy weight. Or lose weight. And improve my life. I even wrote a book about it

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