Holiday Blues

It's the 4th of July holiday weekend. And I have a weird problem. A problem that many people would like to have. What problem? I have nothing to do. I have nothing to do for 5 straight days. In Los Angeles, lots of people start a 3-day Monday holiday on Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, and often stretch the holiday until the following Tuesday. Me, I don't take vacations, I'm old and I am already on vacation, every day, permanently. 

My usual daytime activities are creative. Writing and photography. For me, these are separate activities. I am caught up on both and do not have anything new to create at the moment.

A long holiday weekend. 5 days of nothing. Not only am I gonna be bored during the day but I will also be bored every evening. There's nothing good to watch on TV at night as the networks don't give us new good shows during the summer and especially not on holidays. And, no, I don't watch reruns that I've already seen. And I'm not a party person so attending evening social events is of no interest. And I don't drink so hanging out in a bar isn't going to work either.  

What to do? Hmm. I already caught up on my sleep and can't sleep more than 7 hours a day. All my hobbies are up to date. I can't think of any new hobby that I would like to start. No household chores are in dire need of doing. What to all day and at night? For 5 days in a row. I have no idea. 

I am not complaining I am just relating how Creatives can feel when they can't create, can't be artistically productive. We can feel frustrated. Worthless. Lost. Hopefully, it's temporary.

I like to be creative and productive. Every day.  And I like to relax and watch TV at night. Now, for an extended period of time, 24/7, I am without anything to do. For me, it's a horrible feeling. And, to avoid becoming depressed I MUST find something to occupy my time during the long weekend.  Preferably something stimulating, something worth doing. Maybe even fun.

At the moment I have nothing to do. For 5 days and nights. Like I said, a problem many people would like to have. 

I can always go to the supermarket. That will take less than an hour. One down, 23 to go. 


So far, it's been 4 days. How did I get through the nothing-to-do days and nights? What was my solution? Besides going to the supermarket twice a day I concentrated on the "small things". Like eating and taking a nap and taking a walk. And re-editing and updating some of my old writings and photographs. Yes, it helped to pass the time. And I did relax and slow down and enjoyed the "little things" in my life. 

Yes, I know, this little story was a bit wordy (and a bit boring). But the moral of the story was a good message. "This too shall pass. Meanwhile, find something to do, something worthwhile, and good for you."